Greathome have been providing a high quality & cost effective PCB assembly one stop solution to customer. Our full turnkey service includes Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout, PCB production, Components sourcing, PCB assembly, Conformal Coating, Software Development, Enclosure Design & Development, Functional Testing and Mechanical Assembly/ Box Build. Whether you require electronic assembly, hardware or embedded software design, PCB supply, PCB layout, pre-compliance EMC testing or any combination of the above, we have the capability to turn your ideas into reality based on ISO9001-certified and IPC-A-600 & IPC-A-610 compliant production facilities.

If you are looking for a reliable PCB Assembly partner in China, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


1. Free DFM check

We provide our customers with free DFM manufacturability inspection for PCB boards, aiming to optimize the design and manufacturing principle, process and device accuracy of products. This will greatly avoid the product manufacturing risk, can be a lot of bad items before mass production or proofing phase exposed, optimized.

Such as:

  • DFM checklist for PCB Fabrication.
  • Document version and last updated date.
  • Process: Lead/lead-free.
  • Clear component location number and Silkscreen.
  • BOM containing manufacturer's brand and part number, description and component location number.
  • Confirm PCB manufacturing process: material, PCB thickness, copper thickness, layer number, surface treatment, Silkscreen color and special process.
  • Reasonable PCB layer and PCB array method.
  • Provide correct paste files to making the Stencil for SMT.
  • Perfect program burning and functional testing program.
  • Clear finished product assembly manual and diagram.
  • Other special process requirements.
  • BOM material matching test with PCB pad (for example, BOM is often not updated in time in the process of design change by customer engineers, resulting in the purchase of wrong materials).
  • Evaluate the manufacturing process of PCB, including but not limited to: processing sequence, stencil trepanning adjustment, feeding direction and supporting plate(or carrier) manufacturing, analysis of heat-absorbing pad and surrounding components, humidity sensor/thermal element component protection, PCBA test scheme and detection rate, trial production quantity and trial production report, etc.


2. Purchase Electronic Components

1). Why outsource electronic component procurement?

With the industrial division of labor becoming more and more refined, more and more electronic product research and development companies streamline their organizational structure, allocate limited resources to research and development and sales, which are the two core competitiveness, so as to outsource the tedious production and manufacturing links. In this trend, it is bound to increase the demand for PCBA's labor and materials contracting.

Customers only need to provide design documents for electronic manufacturers to purchase electronic components and complete PCBA production and manufacturing process in accordance with design requirements. This mode of labor and materials contracting can save customers' own personnel costs of material procurement, inspection and storage, as well as the cost of sluggish materials. On the whole, it will save the total cost of customer enterprises and improve the turnover efficiency of finance and products.


2). How do we ensure that electronic components are purchased through genuine channels?

We have a perfect supply chain management system, strict audit and certification of all suppliers, samples, small batch specifications recognition, to ensure the qualification of suppliers. In addition, we are equipped with a powerful IQC incoming material inspection mechanism, AQL sampling standard inspection for all core components, and equipped with professional inspection laboratories and equipment.


3). Our advantages in purchasing electronic components

The purchase of electronic components is determined by two factors: price and supply continuity. We can give full play to the price advantage of centralized procurement and cooperate with original factories and agents. The Established nearly 10 years of cooperative relationship, can obtain the priority guarantee of continuous supply and original factory technical support, which is incomparable to the procurement of a single company. Customer companies purchase from various online traders, which can not ensure the consistency of quality and can not have a better price.


3. SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) processing

Greathome company provides high-end SMT processing services for all customers, equipped with four automatic high-speed SMT production lines, automatic board mounting machine, automatic solder paste printing machine, SPI solder paste thickness detector, multi-temperature zone reflow welding, AOI optical detection equipment, X-ray inspection machine, baking machine, Stencil cleaning machine, etc. Long-term for domestic and foreign listed companies and group customers to provide processing and manufacturing services. The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system,  IATF16949 automotive electronic certification, etc., supporting the mounting of 0201 components, 0.4mm Pitch BGA, QFN and other precision electronic components.


Our SMT processing advantages:

1). Quality team with more than 15 people, effectively control IQC incoming material inspection, IPQC process inspection, OQA factory inspection and other important process links;


2). Equipped with a team of more than 10 electronic engineers, put forward constructive suggestions for improvement of DFM manufacturability inspection and engineering process in the production process, and effectively improve product quality and production efficiency;


3). The company implements the Quick Response mechanism, where professional sales staff can contact customers and respond to any abnormal situation within 1 hour;


4). Implement MES electronic information kanban, effectively supervise PMC production planning process and ensure delivery date;


5). Use ESD static protection pearl cotton or electrostatic bag for safe packaging, to ensure the safety of products in transit.


Competitive prices for SMT processing

Quotation is generally approved based on the BOM list and GERBER files of the customer. If there are special process requirements such as manual welding, the price shall be calculated separately, among which the one-time cost of wave welding fixture and related vehicle is not included.


Normal delivery time for SMT processing

Under normal condition, SMT processing will be shipped within 1 week (Samples or small batch trial production, we can deliver in 3-5 working days at the soonest, And according to the order quantity, we can deliver in batches according to customer's requirement), not including national public holidays.


How to cooperate with us in SMT processing?

You only need to send the BOM list, GERBER files and component coordinate files of relevant projects to us for quotation.

After the price is confirmed, we can start to manufacture PCB and purchase components according to BOM list, and then proceed SMT processing. It is also ok if you provide us with some electronic components suitable for this project (such as some IC or passive components that are extremely difficult to buy in China), After receiving them, we will conduct verification and warehousing management, and then start relevant SMT processing.

Greathome always insists on carefully controlling every SMT process and casting trust with professional.


4. DIP (Dual In-line Package) processing

Our DIP processing capability:

  • All plug-in components are tested for errors, omissions and misplacement of components using AOI to strictly control the pass rate of DIP processing.
  • Experienced soldering hands with strict training can control welding speed and quality.
  • According to the production status of PCB Assembly, a temporary storage area with independent identification should be equipped around the pull wire, such as waiting for plug-in area, waiting for maintenance area, waiting for QC inspection area, defective product area, waiting for QA inspection area, etc., to avoid the appearance of mixed boards.
  • Strict IPQC and QA LOT sampling inspection standards to ensure the reliability of DIP processing.


Our list of DIP processing equipment is as follows:

DIP Production lines x 2 sets.

AOI Equipment (Used to check DIP): Check for defects in plug-in components and solder joints.

Wave soldering x 2 sets.

Rear weld pull wire x 36 station.

Board washing machine x 1 set


DIP processing is a part of PCBA electronic processing process, manual work is relatively more, for higher management requirements.

Our company through the implementation of a set of perfect quality management system (ISO9001:2015, IATF16949) and equipped with constantly improving automation equipment (such as Automatic separation board machine, Automatic dispensing machine, Automatic spot welding machine, etc.), work fixture, so that our DIP processing service consistency and reliability is very high, win customers praise.


5. PCBA Testing

PCBA test refers to the electrical conductivity of PCBA circuit board mounted with electronic components and the detection based on input and output values.

In the design of PCB board, there are numerical relationships between different test points such as voltage and current. It is necessary to use professional test equipment or manual operation of multimeter to test the test points, so as to verify whether the actual PCBA board meets the design requirements.

PCBA test is a key step to ensure the quality of production and delivery. FCT test fixture is made according to the test points, procedures and steps designed by customers, and then the PCBA board is placed on the FCT test rack to complete the test.


PCBA test principle

Connect the test point on the PCBA board through the FCT test rack to form a complete channel, and then connect the computer and programmer to upload the MCU program. When the MCU program will capture the user's input actions (such as long pressing the switch for 3 seconds), after calculation, it will control the on and off of the circuit beside it (such as LED flashing) or drive the motor to rotate, etc.

By observing the voltage and current values between the test points on the FCT test rack, and verifying whether these input and output actions are consistent with the design, the test of the whole PCBA board is completed.


PCBA Testing Fixture

The processing of mass Production's PCBA board must be tested, and test fixtures are typically made to facilitate efficient PCBA testing. PCBA fixtures work by connecting test thimbles to the test points of the PCB, so that when energized, key data such as voltage and current in the circuit can be displayed on the display screen of the test Fixture, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid detection.

When the customer designs PCB board, the engineer will consider its test plan, reserve PCB test point, and issue professional test document or test plan to the manufacturer.

Our company can make PCBA testing Fixture by ourself according to the customer's test plan. (equipped with engraving machine and test rack assembly engineer).


For example, the following is a PCBA test plan for a European customer.


PCBA Test Cases

PCBA test types are as follows:

ICT Test (In-circuit Test): Mainly tests the voltage/current data of the Test point after the PCB is energized, and does not involve the Test of function keys or input and output.


FCT Test (Functional Test): it is necessary to burn the written MCU program into the PROGRAM IC through programmer (such as ST-link, JTAG) first, so as to realize the corresponding Functional Test.

For example, after pressing the button, the LED lights up; Press two buttons at the same time to restore factory Settings and so on. Of course, whether all function tests can be carried out must be on the premise of PCB welding OK and line conduction, otherwise it cannot be achieved.


Burn-in Test: For the PCBA board that has been burned and FCT passed, a long time, periodic analog user input and output is carried out to test its durability and welding reliability. In special cases, the PCBA board also needs to be exposed to specific temperature and humidity environment.


PCBA testing is an essential and important link in the whole PCBA manufacturing supply chain, which controls the quality of PCBA products from the final data results. In the standardized design and manufacturing management, PCBA testing must be recommended to consider and implement.


6. Burn-in Test

We can provide customer products with Burn-in tests to testing the stability and reliability of products in specific environments. According to customer design requirements, the product will be placed under specific temperature and humidity conditions, continuous simulation work 72 hours to 7 days (occasionally continuous on and off impact test), record performance data, backward production process for improvement. Burn-in test usually refers to electrical performance test, similar tests are drop test, vibration test, salt spray test, etc. For some tests that cannot be done inside the factory, China Electronics Laboratory (cooperative organization) can be entrusted to carry out third-party tests.




  • Extensive experience in Burn-in testing.
  • The PCBA motherboard of the medical blood glucose testing equipment performs up to 500 simulated tests at normal Burn-in temperature and lasts for about 48 hours.
  • Traffic Intelligence HD camera motherboard Burn-in testing: temperature 60 degrees Celsius, humidity 70%, 72 hours.
  • Temperature Burn-in of the controller of the solar energy storage equipment: it lasts for 3 cycles of charge and discharge, and the Burn-in time is 24 hours.
  • Piggery environment controller Burn-in at room temperature: continuous control and network communication, Burn-in time 24 hours.


7. Conformal Coating for PCBA

Conformal Coating is a specially formulated Coating used to protect circuit boards and their associated equipment from environmental erosion. Conformal Coating has good high and low temperature resistance; Its curing into a layer of transparent protective film, with superior insulation, moisture, leakage, shock, dust, corrosion, aging, corona resistance and other properties.

Conformal Coating processing is configured in the PCBA processing process to meet the requirements of customer products for environmental applications. Our company is equipped with a professional Conformal Coating production line, including 2 sets of Conformal Coating equipment, UV detection, baking and other automatic one-stop mode. If your PCBA board has requirements on temperature and humidity, durability, insulation, waterproof and dustproof, we will serve you wholeheartedly!


Conformal Coating processing advantages

Traditionally, there are poor consistency, quality accidents (such as Conformal Coating infiltrating into LCD screen and socket), uneven thickness, Conformal Coating adulteration and impurities. The use of professional Conformal Coating production line can effectively avoid these defects, with fast speed, high reliability, one-stop baking curing and other advantages.

Our company is equipped with domestic famous brand Andanda Conformal Coating line: iCoat3 + UV lamp + baking oven.


The types of Conformal Coating processing that we can support:

  • Large size PCBA board, such as 550mm*470mm.
  • Provide supporting PCBA board, effectively ensure the uniform edge spraying.
  • Support intensive, high - foot components of PCBA board spraying.
  • Fan-shaped spraying and dot needle spraying can cover the surface requirements of various components.
  • You can avoid certain components, such as connectors, antennas, Wifi modules, and radiators, based on customer requirements.
  • Support double-sided spraying and baking.
  • Automatic equipment, the average spraying time of each board is within 0.5~3 minutes.
  • Our company is equipped with professional technical engineers, the adjustment process to ensure that the board surface spraying uniform, excellent effect.