About Us

Greathome Precision Circuit Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales of flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards, flexible printed circuit (FPCA) Assembly, and PCB Assembly. Greathome focused on manufacturing single-sided FPC, double-sided FPC, multilayer FPC, Rigid-flex PCB, MC PCB, and so on all kinds of PCB products, widely used in LED lighting, New energy battery, Wireless communications equipment, High-end equipment display, Digital camera, Computer and accessories, Smartphone, Smart wearable devices, Automotive electronics, and other industries, we can meet the customized production and PCBA processing (Or finished product assembly) needs of all kinds of products.

About Us

  • 15+
    SINCE 2008
  • 532+
  • 17,500+
  • 30,000+

Products & Service

  • Flexible printed circuit (FPC)

    Flexible printed circuit (FPC)

    • Polyimide,PET, Kapton
    • Stiffener (FR-4, PI, PET, Steel, Al, Adhesive Tape)
    • 1-12 layers FPC
    • Rigid-Flex PCB (2-16 layers)
  • PCB Assembly (PCBA)

    PCB Assembly (PCBA)

    • SMT + DIP assembly
    • BGA assembly
    • Chip on Board assembly
    • Aluminum PCB assembly
    • PCB + Cables/Metal parts/ Plastic parts
    • Assembly or finished products
  • Flexible printed circuit (FPC)

  • PCB Assembly (PCBA)

  • Flexible printed circuit Assembly (FPCA)

  • LED Lighting / Products

Our Advantage

  • Schematic Design

  • PCB Design

  • PCB manufacturing

  • PCB Assembly

  • Testing

  • Box Building

  • One-stop Service, from design to finished product
  • More than 100 R&D engineers, fully support your ideas
  • Reduce Overall manufacturing costs
  • Improve production process and yields
  • Identify failures and support root cause analysis
  • Assist engineering with DFT analysis
  • An immersive experience in customer's application scenarios to help customers with technology evolution
  • Greathome Facilities

    Greathome has two parts of FPC manufacturing and PCBA manufacturing, which can meet the increasing demand of customers. Greathome has modern production plants, and we has advanced imported manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, they are mainly from Taiwan, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, imported equipment accounted for more than 80%, some of the equipment has a high degree of automation.

Why choose us?

  • 01Quick Response

    We have four sales teams responsible for different markets. More than 70% of sales have worked in the company for more than 4 years, and more than 76% of sales have a professional technical background, which can serve you efficiently (24hours*7) and respond quickly, Shorten product development and production cycle from all aspects, save product launch time, and quickly occupy the market for your products.

  • 02Quality Assurance

    Greathome always regards quality as the life of the enterprise, and strictly controls every step of the product to satisfy customers. 99.3% satisfied Projects in the last 5 years from end Customers.

    1. Perfect Quality Control System
    2. Experienced product knowledge
    3. Strong Execution
    4. Efficient teamwork across all departments
    5. Disciplined well-trained workers
  • 03Leading technology

    1) More than 100 R&D engineers and experts in various fields, With an experienced team and proven process, we make it simple for OEMs to quickly move from great idea to effective solution, and fully support your ideas.

    2) ONE-STOP Service, The PATH From IDEA/PCB to Customized OEM solutions/products.
    PCB technology from FPC PCB to FR-4 standard PCB, Multilayer PCB, Metal base PCB(AL base PCB, copper base PCB), HDI PCB, Rigid-flexible PCB.
    PCBA assembly, Product Development and Assembly. (including Schematic design and PCB Layout circuit design, hardware solution development and software development, product function testing.)

    3) Cost Effective (5% competitive) Components Sourcing.

    4) DFM & DFT Experts.

  • 04Stable Material

    All kinds of raw materials selected are well-known brands in the industry, ensuring the stability of Greathome product quality. Greathome establishes long-term cooperative relationship with raw material suppliers to ensure the stability and reliability of raw material supply. such as DUPONT, SHENGYI, TAIFLEX, ITEQ, KB, ISOLA, PANASONIC, ROGERS, ARLON, TACONIC, SKC (KOREA), UBE (JAPAN), TAIYO , etc.

  • 05Deliver on time

    1) All orders are informationized, ERP systematic management, The on-time delivery rate of orders in the past 5 years is over 98%.

    2) Global export experiences by forwarder & different couriers with account open for years. Door to Door delivery. (DHL/FedEx/UPS/forwarder(By Air or Sea), Sino-european Railway...)

  • 06Perfect Service

    We provide pre-sales and in-sale technical support for Free to you. We have a comprehensive after-sales service system, so that customers have no worries. Most companies say they are proud of their customer service.

    Server More than 5,000 Electronic Engineers.

    Over 1,000+ Active Customers.

Our Clients

Make Your Own Custom PCB, PCB Assembly and Products.

Greathome Always adhere to shortening the development cycle for customers, reducing costs, providing competitive prices, and value-added services. Greathome Always adhere to providing customers with technical support and services for Free. Greathome Always adhere to creating greater value for Customers, Employees, Society.

Our customers range from start-ups to fortune 500 companies, Let us support the demands of your business with prompt service, Professional knowledge and stable quality, at a great price.