Greathome's R&D and Technology Center includes PCB/FPC R&D Department and PCBA/ Product R&D Department. We have professional R&D engineers (PCB/FPC PCB), PCBA R&D hardware engineers, Software development engineers, PCBA/product test engineers, etc. The average experience of our engineers are more than 7 years, and some of our senior experts have more than 20 years of experience, They have work experience in global top 500 companies such as HUAWEI, AVARY HOLDING (FOXCONN) etc.

Greathome's R&D and technical team has more than 100 engineers, ranging from PCB/PCBA and FPC PCB R&D, manufacturing process improvement, quality assurance, PCB/PCBA and product testing and optimization, etc., to escort your PCB/PCBA or finished products from design to the whole process of products, and to become a high-quality product that you can trust to use.

Greathome always adheres to research and development and innovation, combines various technical forces organically, broadens the application of PCB from various aspects and angles, and combines the application with modules and modules. We provide the core technology platform of products and provide integrated solutions for LED lighting, Internet of Things, fingerprint identification, smart wearable, smart home, smart home appliances and other fields. In these fields, we have strong research and development capabilities, always stand in the forefront of the market, to provide customers with the best technical solutions, to help customers seize the market opportunities.

  • Schematic Design

  • PCB Design

  • PCB manufacturing

  • PCB Assembly

  • Testing

  • Box Building

  • One-stop Service, from design to finished product
  • More than 100 R&D engineers, fully support your ideas
  • Reduce Overall manufacturing costs
  • Improve production process and yields
  • Identify failures and support root cause analysis
  • Assist engineering with DFT analysis
  • An immersive experience in customer's application scenarios to help customers with technology evolution

In response to customers’ clear professional needs, the company analyzes the product function and structure according to the technical documents provided by the customer.

Moreover, engineers and technicians conduct DFM/DFT/DFA research, arrange planning on needed materials (especially FPC), product manufacturing costs, rate of quality and efficiency, propose professional EQ (DFM), improve the design maturity of customers' products, output product technical requirements and test specifications, and ensure the quality consistency between mass-produced products and samples and manufacturing maturity achieving through sample making, verification processes, trial production and process audits.

Greathome have been providing a high quality & cost effective PCB assembly one stop solution to customer. Our full turnkey service includes Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout, PCB production, Components sourcing, PCB assembly, Conformal Coating, Software Development, Enclosure Design & Development, Functional Testing and Mechanical Assembly/ Box Build. Whether you require electronic assembly, hardware or embedded software design, PCB supply, PCB layout, pre-compliance EMC testing or any combination of the above, We can meet all your needs.

We have a full range of support from PCB/FPC design to PCBA semi-finished or finished products based on our R&D, design and manufacturing capabilities.

If you have a good idea, Please contact Greathome.

Our experts will provide you with Free technical support and services, we will help you shorten the research and development cycle, so that you can capture the market faster, and help your business more successful.