Greathome is committed to providing customers with high-quality PCB design and one-stop electronic engineering, winning customers' trust with competitive prices and quality services. No matter the size of your project, we can meet your design needs from product concept to production.

Our comprehensive PCB design capabilities ensure an understanding of your project's technical requirements and DFM manufacturability design without the need for multiple design iterations, which will be an important factor for customers to transform from product design to market.


PCB Circuit Design Services


Our PCB designs meet the IPC 2200 standard family, and the design solutions can be manufactured to IPC 6011 and IPC 6012 standards and assembled to IPC A-610 standards. According to your schedule, we accurately and timely carry out the relevant PCB design tasks, with high-quality design to ensure mass production, avoid rework.


Greathome Group integrates excellent suppliers of cabinet and mold to provide customers with additional value-added services of professional mold and injection molding services to meet the needs of customers' finished product delivery.

We support 3D proofing, small batch pilot production validation and mass production. Designed to produce products including polypropylene, nylon, polyetherimide, stainless steel and a range of additional materials, we have the solutions to meet the needs of your application.


Why choose our injection molding service?

  • Quickly adapt to the needs of your market sales, with your supply chain needs.
  • A steady supply of internal molds and parts makes injection molding products very stable.
  • Production of front bridge tooling.
  • Emergency spare parts on standby, write off all kinds of internal abnormal problems.
  • Without MOQ.
  • Mass customization of product line, rapid iterative part design, accelerating product upgrade and market response


We take the mold and cabinet as an important part of EMS electronic manufacturing, through professional partners supporting and centralized procurement, to provide customers with fast, economical mold and cabinet production services.



Finished Product Assembly

We provide our customers with finished electronic product assembly services,


LED lighting (Household, Commercial, Industrial)

RFID/NFC products and applications

Consumer electronics

Smart home products

Internet of Things modules

Electronic toys

Security monitoring

Network hardware

Power equipment

Industrial controllers

Electronic and electrical equipment, etc.

We will produce tested PCBA circuit board, with cabinet, wire, motor assembly together, packaging to form a complete set of products delivered to the terminal use. As an important part of EMS electronic manufacturing, electronic assembly business has many manual operations, which requires strong process control and quality control ability.

Our company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system and IATF16949 automobile electronic quality certification. In the PCBA assembly process, we strictly implement relevant SOP operation standards, station self-inspection, QC inspection, QA online sampling inspection, OBA sampling inspection before shipment and other management means. Meanwhile, we adopt barcode management system. Effective traceability and registration to distinguish good and defective products, achieve assembly straight-through rate and customer quality sampling rate to reach the ideal target.


Our advantages of PCBA electronic product assembly are as follows:

  • 95% skilled workers, one for each post, through strict elongated training and online preventive correction, staff skills are guaranteed.
  • 2 elongated technicians to patrol the whole line, timely statistical analysis of the assembly process of the defective items, improvement and promotion.
  • Implement strict SOP operating standards, covering operating techniques, quality standards, tooling and ware, statistical analysis, etc.
  • 100% full inspection by online QC, spot check by QA according to AQL standard, timely find and control the defective items in the process.
  • The production lines are equipped with complete operating equipments, such as electric batch, magnifying glass, torque meter, dispensing machine, testing fixtures and various auxiliary inspection equipments.
  • The quality department conducts OBA inspection before packaging and shipment.
  • The assembly lines are strictly divided into material areas to prevent mixing of materials and PCBA boards.
  • Experience in assembling precision and complex products.