FPC Assembly

BGA Surface Mount One Stop-Medical FPC Assembly

BGA Surface Mount One Stop-Medical FPC Assembly
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  • LED FPC assembly-China Factory
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  • LED FPC assembly-China Factory1
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  • Material: PI, PET or Equivalents
  • Finish: ENIG, OSP, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Glod Plating, Gold Plating+ENIG, Gold Plating+OSP
  • Copper Foil: 1/3OZ-6OZ
  • Polyimide: 0.5mil, 1mil, 2mil, Specifications based on design
  • Min. Line/Spacing: 0.05mm/0.05mm
  • Impedance Tolerance (if applicable): ±10%
  • Min. Drilling hole: +/- 0.10MM
  • PTH tolerance: +/- 0.075mm
  • Silkscreen: White or Black (TBD)
  • Outline tolerance: +/-0.10MM or 0.05MM
  • Shipping: by Array or By Individual Pieces
  • Product Detail

    Design Support

    HMLV, Quick-Turn Service

    Shipping Solutions

    FPC Assembly (Flexible Printed Circuit Assembly), referred to as FPCA, means components soldering or Assembly of FPC boards.

    The miniaturization of electronic products is an inevitable development trend. Due to the space for assembly, SMD of a considerable number of consumer products are mounted on FPC to complete the assembly of the whole product. FPCA PCB as a semi-finished product, not FPC bare board, customers can directly install it and use it on the whole finished product.

    FPCA has been widely used in calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras and other digital products. Surface mount of SMD on FPC has become one of the development trends of SMT technology.

    As a professional manufacturer, Greathome not only provides FPC production, but also provides FPC Assembly processing and FPCA solutions for the convenience of customers, which solves the difficulties in FPC PCB assembly for customers. 

    If you need anything, please feel free to contact us.

    Our experts will DFM check each product to make professional suggestions and solutions based on priority production efficiency and production cost.
    From the early FPC PCB assembly, we will test it to verify that all requirements meet the customer's requirements, and then submit the FPCA sample to the customer for testing and verification. Our experts will follow up and solve all kinds of anomalies in the whole process of NPI project import, EVT, DVT and PVT, and conduct reliability test on semi-finished products after FPC assembly to ensure the highest quality of products.
    OEM/ODM is welcome.

    Greathome recommend that all new projects should have prototypes confirmation before mass production. Prototype is important for technology review, meanwhile, it would be helpful to get the most competitive price for mass production and resonable lead time.

    From Quick-Turn prototype to series production, we are doing our best to meet customers’ lead time requirement.



    Following your shipping instruction if there is any. if not, we will recommend the most competitive shipping terms according to our experience.

    Such as FedEx, UPS, DHL or  professional international Freight forwarder etc. 

    Greathome is experienced with all the paperwork for customs. With more than 13 years of experience in exporting to more than 1000 customers around the world, we will deliver your goods to you safely and quickly with our expertise and experience. (Warehouse/factory/company)

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