In the design and application of medical equipment, FPC flexible circuit board, light, soft, flexible, very suitable for the needs of portable medical equipment, it is widely used in medical equipment, many customers ask us to customize medical equipment FPC PCB. Including the equipment used in the hospital ultrasonic equipment, the probe equipment of all kinds of instruments, medical equipment buttons, as well as electronic pressure meter, portable blood glucose meter, electronic hearing aid, a variety of elderly monitoring instruments and other portable medical electronic household devices.

Others such as:

1. Gastroscope FPC circuit board

The FPC PCB used in the endoscope now has good bending and flexural performance after many years of verification and production experience.

2. Medical device screen

The connecting wire on the screen is all FPC PCB, not only for medical treatment, almost all the connecting wire on the screen display is used FPC board, which is an affirmation of the bending and deflection of the FPC board.

3. Medical device buttons

FPC PCB in the use of the key is also a large standard model, the medical button and other keys although are a test of product sensitivity. However, the medical requirements for the number of repeatable keys are very high. FPC PCB can reach millions or hundreds of millions of dynamic applications according to the demand of the product. These capabilities are the main aspects of FPC board popularity in terms of buttons.

4. Heart rate regulator

The research of FPC PCB in MEMS is an important aspect of people's research. In the modern development of medical level is getting higher and higher, the combination of electronic instruments and human body is a aspect of people's research, such as heart bridge, electronic prosthesis and so on.

5. B-mode ultrasonic head FPC PCB

B ultrasound is a strong signal flow through the human body to carry out a perspective of the inside of the human body, FPC board with electronic components can accurately carry out signal transmission, signal screen frequency can be adjusted to a level people expect to achieve, so as to achieve signal video transmission.

6. Medical hearing AIDS

FPC PCB is used in medical hearing AIDS to help solve the problem of hearing patients to better listen to the beauty of the world.