With the gradual maturity of LED lighting technology, users have higher and higher requirements on the stability and reliability of LED lighting products. Under the same conditions, the products are required to achieve better energy efficiency, lower energy consumption and more competitive product prices.

Indoor lighting is applied to indoor LED lighting, indoor LED lighting types include: LED bulb light, LED spot light, LED panel light, LED sky light, LED fluorescent tube, LED track light, LED atmosphere light, etc.

Outdoor lighting, there are many kinds of outdoor LED lighting fixtures, which are widely used in road lighting and landscape outdoor lighting projects. Including: LED point light source, LED hard light strip, LED projection light, LED wall wash light and LED floodlight, etc.

Commercial lighting mainly serves commercial places and social public places, providing specific lighting system solutions for commercial places and social public places. With the development of society, commercial lighting has higher requirements for the application of lamps, in addition to the basic lighting performance, but also energy saving performance and decorative performance. Main common lamps and lanterns product has the following a few BIG categories.

1. LED spotlights

LED spotlights, with the function of concentrating light and shooting far away, can play a key lighting, highlighting the texture, color and material of commodities and objects, lighting effect, is a common lamps in commercial lighting. LED spotlights are widely used in commercial environments, such as jewelry stores, restaurants, fruit stores, clothing stores, furniture stores, building materials stores, digital stores, auto 4S stores, gas stations and so on. LED spotlights are also widely used in public places, such as subway, station, airport, hospital, theater, library, museum, gymnasium and other public Spaces, there are a large number of installation applications.

2. LED downlight

LED downlights, compared with ordinary lighting lamps, have a certain amount of light concentration, but less than LED spotlights, generally in regional space, responsible for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. LED downlights are widely used in commercial and public places.

Shopping mall scene: such as hotels, jewelry stores, jewelry stores, beverage stores, shopping malls corridors, fruit stores and other commercial environments are installed.

Public places: airports, stations, libraries, administrative centers, offices and other public places are equipped with down lights, which are responsible for flood lighting or general lighting in the regional space.

3. LED flat lamp

LED flat panel light is known for its simplicity, full light, soft light and no space occupation. It is one of the common commercial indoor lighting fixtures. LED flat panel lights are installed in many public places, such as hospitals, waiting rooms of stations, libraries, commercial office buildings and offices. In some supermarkets, stores, exhibition centers, education and training institutions are also installed.

4. LED light strip

LED light strip is also one of the common lamps in commercial lighting. LED light strip, COB light strip, LED neon light strip, LED flexible wall wash light strip, LED line light strip are based on FPC PCB applications.

LED lamp strip is mainly used for auxiliary lighting and decorative lighting. It has many characteristics such as soft lamp body, arbitrary crimping, convenient cutting and strong adaptability.

LED light strips are widely used in commercial scenes, such as hotel rooms, large shopping malls, bars, KTV, stores, beauty centers and other occasions, and appear in a variety of flexible forms.

In public places, such as science museums, museums, art centers, outdoor buildings, Bridges and other night decorations.

Smart lighting

According to the scale of the global smart lighting market in the application field, at the current stage, smart lighting may still need to rely on the construction of public and outdoor infrastructure gradually spread out, and the biggest market is the "Smart City" construction industry.

Smart lighting plays an important role in industrial lighting field. Industrial lighting is mainly used in large single/double industrial plant buildings, power consumption is large, with the needs of industrial development and safety considerations of operators, lighting requirements are also very strict.

The lamps of the workshop building can be externally connected to the lighting control node, through the Smart lighting system to preset the number and time of light switches, can also set the brightness; The lighting outside the workshop can automatically adjust the appropriate illumination according to the brightness of the natural light source, and the indoor lighting can also adjust the appropriate illumination according to different needs, with the change of season and weather, not only does not affect the operation, but also more humanized and energy saving, avoid dizziness.

As for the commercial lighting field, which focuses more on energy saving and social benefits, especially the commercial building lighting, the lighting time is up to more than 12 hours a day, and the power consumption is very serious. Therefore, intelligent control can be used to achieve the purpose of energy saving. And the large number of lighting demand also brings another combination of intelligent functions of commercial applications. For example, LED lamps combined with visible light communication technology can realize the function of precise positioning, and assist stores in commercial applications such as product promotion and broadcasting services. Commercial lighting is also undergoing intelligent replacement on a large scale.

Smart lighting system can improve the urban energy utilization rate, bring practical benefits to the city, and have an immediate effect. It can also use lighting equipment to capture more urban road and spatial information, and get through the data of "heaven and earth". With a wide distribution of street lamps in the city, smart street lamps have functions such as automatic brightness adjustment according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and so on, which can greatly save power resources, improve the level of public lighting management and save maintenance costs.

In addition to smart street lights, smart lighting will also gradually penetrate into stations, airports, subway stations, underground parking lots, schools, libraries, hospitals, stadiums, museums and other public places.

Smart lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, improving work efficiency and improving management level. With the improvement of living standards, the application of smart home lighting will become more and more common, and will become a new outlet for the development of lighting industry. As a point of entry of smart home, smart lighting is a field of smart home market that can quickly start volume. In the past few years, the market acceptance of smart home lighting has been low due to immature technology and insufficient market cultivation. But now, the smart home lighting industry has gradually entered the "Fast lane of development", the smart control of home lighting has quietly become a trend, a variety of smart lighting control system applied to residential lighting is booming.

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