FPC PCBs are light, thin, and flexible, allowing installation in tight Spaces. Therefore, in the development of PC and all kinds of electronic products toward the direction of thin, light and miniaturization, the unique application value of FPC PCB is highlighted, and the application field is constantly expanding.

So the FPC/Rigid-Flex PCB can be used for PC/peripherals and all kinds of electronic products, such as: Computer, Notebook, PDA, E-Reader, CD-ROM, Hard disk, Laptop Keyboard, Printer, Scanner, DVD, etc.

FPC PCB has a high degree of dynamic Flexibility, can be folded for 3D installation, and can change shape according to space constraints. Can be folded without affecting the signal transmission function, can prevent electrostatic interference. FPC PCB is beneficial to the design of related products, reducing assembly time and errors, and increasing the service life of related products.