The mature application of 5G will promote a new round of technological innovation of intelligent electronic products, and intelligent electronic components in the fields of antennas, RF devices, high-end displays and so on will be innovated and upgraded accordingly. The increase in the number of wireless frequency bands in the 5G era will correspondingly drive the increase in the number of components and the application of FPC PCB.

5G transmission speed has been greatly improved. In order to ensure the reliability of data transmission, the performance of high-speed connectors needs to be improved, which increases the demand for connectors with low dielectric and low loss. LCP materials have extremely low water absorption and better dielectric stability. LCP FPC PCBS feature ultra-low warpage, high mobility, and dimensional stability, ideal for applications in 5G high-speed connectors.

With the development of wireless communication technology, the built-in antenna is generally used in wireless terminal equipment. The existing technology of WIFI FPC PCB Antenna has the disadvantages of complex production and production, low yield in the manufacturing process, and limited production cost reduction, which is not conducive to the cost control of antenna products and wireless terminal equipment such as sub-machines.

The built-in antenna, such as the LCP FPC antenna, has the same excellent transmission loss as the antenna transmission line. The LCP FPC antenna can carry several transmission lines in a three-layer structure of only 0.2 mm, and lead out multiple RF lines together, replacing the thick antenna transmission line and coaxial connector, and reducing the thickness by at least 50%. It has higher space efficiency.