LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LCM(Liquid Crystal Display Module),That is, LCD display module, liquid crystal module, refers to the liquid crystal display device, connector, control and drive peripheral circuit, PCB circuit board, backlight, structural components assembled together. FPC PCB/ RIGIF-Flex PCB is widely used in TFT-LCD Module, Touch Panel and other LCD/LCM display screens.

With the constant improvement of the degree of informatization and the wide application of digital communication technology, obtained the unprecedented development in recent years, especially as a portable application products (mobile phones, PDA, MP3, watches, information telephone, digital telephone, handheld instrument and computer network with display) more and more, its application field will be more and more wide.

The global display market is expected to reach $86.1 billion in 2006 and $52 billion in 2000. The global FPD industry is expected to reach $100 billion in 2010, with the LCD market growing the most among FPD industries. In 2005, the LCD market will exceed $30 billion, surpassing CRT to become the largest display industry in the world. By 2010, it will reach $50 billion, accounting for about half of the world market for display devices. For example, 670 million mobile phones were shipped worldwide in 2004 and 730 million are expected to be shipped in 2005.